Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 9 Day 5

"Today was zootastic doing the zoomazing race."

"I loved meeting new animals and learning all about them. I can't wait to go next year."

"I am so happy to be in this camp and have this exceptional experience. This was my first time here and DEFINITELY not my last."

"This camp was really fun. I really liked the zoomazing race. This has been my favorite camp."

"I really enjoyed the zoomazing race and going behind the scenes at Tropical Discovery."

Week 9 Day 4

"It was really cool to see Groucho in the elephant demonstration today."

"We found out how the zoo uses trash to make energy and we did an experiment to help us understand it better."

Week 9 Day 3

"My favorite part of today was when we played a game to show how important it was to make tracking backpacks for birds correctly."

"My favorite part of the day was riding the carousel and playing predators and prey."

"Today was Amazing! I had a lot of fun learning all about birds."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 9 Day 2

"I am really having fun at this camp, I am learning a lot! I liked the lion show and seeing bodi the dog!"

"Today, I loved how when it rained we all played in it."

"Today was so fun because we learned  about endangered predators and got to watch a lion getting trained!"

Week 9 Day 1

"Today was awesome, this camp is very fun. It's the best camp I've been to all summer!"

"My first day at zoo camp was a blast! I met a lot of new friends and we did so many fun activities!"

"I really loved to see cranbeary geting fed and loved to tranquilze on a practice polar bear and measure and draw blood."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 8 Day 5

"I'm going to be sad about leaving camp, I've had so many great experiences with animals, learning new things every day. I'll be back next year."

"Today we saw a baby oragutan named hesty she was so cute. She kept climbing on the ropes but if she got to far away from mom she was taken off the jungle gym."

"Zoo camp has been awesome! we've learned so much about conservation and how we can help animals."

"Today was the last day but it was a lot of fun. We got to do a race around the zoo and we had to find clue cards and do actions. I had a blast this week and made new friends"

"This was the best camp ever. I had so much fun on the carousel and in Toyota elephant passage. The zoomazing race was lots of fun as well."

Week 8 - Day 4 - Vietnam

"Today we made mini gasifires to try and represent the real ones. we used a big juice can as the cowling a soup can as the reactor and a tuna can as the ash tray. our team had the longest living fire with almost 26 minutess. we had 17 holes in the reactor and 6 in the other cans. but we all had ups and downs."

"Today was totally wicked we focused on Vietnam and went to Toyota Elephant Passage. It's really nice. We also made mini gasifires it was awesome!"

"We made our own gasifires. the zoo has its own gasifier that will produce 20% of the zoo's energy needs. Being able to see what it does was really cool.

Denver Zoo Camera Traps

As a part of the theme of the Wild About Conservation summer camp, we thought it would be fun to install camera traps in zoo exhibits to capture some cool images of our zoo animals. Throughout the week, campers will be checking in on the footage the cameras captured. We can't wait to see what our furry and feathered family members are up to when we aren't watching! Enjoy!

Daily Zoo Camera Trap Images

Daily Zoo Camera Trap Images
Female and baby Kudu-Denver Zoo